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Just the online persona of a TX Sourcer. "I "Never take yourself too seriously." -Arron Daniels
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Marylene Delbourg-Delphis the CEO of Talent Circles has an ongoing special series on Veterans.  We discussed millennials, service, and a three metamorphosis of a recruiter to a sourcer.   Check it out!


LinkedIn is making a change to the way recruiters can reach out to members of a group. Beginning Tuesday LinkedIn will charge for sending mass mailings to group  members. InMails recruiters send from Recruiter to fellow group members who aren’t 1st degree connections will be deducted from their allotted monthly InMail credits Previously, anyone with […]


If you are sitting at home in your Pjs, wrapping last minute shopping, or ll working today, Google has some fun games and videos to entertain you while put a bow on the last few errands and projects before Christmas (pun intended). Check out the village on the North Pole and the Santa Tracker (and of course the big is is sporting Google Glass).

Santa Tracker

Head on over to the Santa Tracker where you can keep an eye on Santa’s status, location, distance traveled, and the number of presents delivered.

Send a Holiday Message

Who uses snail mail anymore for Christmas cards (ok my family does) when you can send one through a speedy link?  Create a custom greeting card to send to your friends and family!

Games, games, and more games! 

Who doesn’t play a few web based games in the office from time to time? There are plenty here from Google!  The Jet-pack is my favorite (thus far).

Merry Christmas and stay productive! 


Coolest Charlie Brown ever from the desk of @cindy_pack1 #Recruiting Consultant w/ @insperityjobs

What most employers think will happen when Veterans transition into civilian life. lol!

Thanks to  Jessica Merrell @blogging4jobs for letting me guest blog for her! This post can help you hire the right talent the first time when looking at military veterans.  

Talent Net Live panel discussing talent, networks, pools, and communities. Gareth Jones had some illuminating points, with some great advice about multiplying your efforts through passionate and invested coworkers/employees.

Everyone can become a marketer, recruiter, out advocate. @garelaos

While I was recruiting for the Texas Army National Guard, I had a Sergeant Major that always said “Spin your all your plates.” He was referring to those performance acts from the 80s where some guy or gal grabbed their fine china and balanced them by using centrifugal force spinning on sticks.  

Think of your search engines as the plates that are being spun, and a pipeline of candidates make for a great performance. I know it’s a stretch for an analogy, but we’ll just go with it.  

Think of all the search engines at your disposal. Google and Bing will get you great results, but if you aren’t using other resources out there, you are missing out on some prime candidates. I wanted to share what search engines I use, and encourage you to share as well in the reply. Below are some of the search engines that I use. 

Search Engine                    Use

Google:                         Everything

Bing:                             Everything

Indeed:                         Job Descriptions, Key Words, Sourcing Candidates 

Yandex:                         Sourcing Candidates (Thanks @JimStroud)

Brupt:                            Contact Lists, Candidate Sourcing (some)

Topsy:                           Candidate Sourcing, Real Time Social Media Search

Blekko:                           Candidate Sourcing

Google CSE:                    Create your own custom search engine (Thanks @braingain and @MikeNotaro)

My CSE   Irina’s CSE   @7Recruiter CSE