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While I was recruiting for the Texas Army National Guard, I had a Sergeant Major that always said “Spin your all your plates.” He was referring to those performance acts from the 80s where some guy or gal grabbed their fine china and balanced them by using centrifugal force spinning on sticks.  

Think of your search engines as the plates that are being spun, and a pipeline of candidates make for a great performance. I know it’s a stretch for an analogy, but we’ll just go with it.  

Think of all the search engines at your disposal. Google and Bing will get you great results, but if you aren’t using other resources out there, you are missing out on some prime candidates. I wanted to share what search engines I use, and encourage you to share as well in the reply. Below are some of the search engines that I use. 

Search Engine                    Use

Google:                         Everything

Bing:                             Everything

Indeed:                         Job Descriptions, Key Words, Sourcing Candidates 

Yandex:                         Sourcing Candidates (Thanks @JimStroud)

Brupt:                            Contact Lists, Candidate Sourcing (some)

Topsy:                           Candidate Sourcing, Real Time Social Media Search

Blekko:                           Candidate Sourcing

Google CSE:                    Create your own custom search engine (Thanks @braingain and @MikeNotaro)

My CSE   Irina’s CSE   @7Recruiter CSE